What is Kardashian family net worth?

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What is Kardashian family net worth? I was trying to calculate how much it could be.

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  1. Guest27967135
    100000 billions dollars

  2. Guest22682743

    I saw the life long documentry of Conrad Hilton. It was very interesting; he worked hard for every penny he earned.. A True American Hero!


  3. Guest22682743

    close enough. do they realize how good they've got it?

  4. Guest20610669
    robert kardashian sr was said to be worth 100 million kim is worth 12 kourtney and khloe are worth 4 apiece kris jenner is worth 20 million and bruce jenner is worth 100 million. you can look these things up on
  5. Guest20170548
    Kim Kardashian alone is worth about 5 million. Now with her a*s, her net worth increases to about 100 million!
  6. Guest14604396
    I really can't find info on it,however. Kim K. is said to have made 8 mill over the pass few years. Now as for the Hilton family,Rick Hilton (Paris's dad) is worth about $300 million and the grandfather (Conrad) one billion (all according to Forbes). That's about the best info I can give.

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