What is Cubas National Dress?

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I am an undergraduate student of fashion designing; I have been given the assignment to write on what is Cuba's National Dress? Is there anyone who can provide me complete information about my query?

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  1. Angelina

     Cuba is homeland that has been leveraged by numerous cultures. The most preeminent of this heritage are the Spanish and African. It is no mystery that Cuba is a socialist state and does not integrate a nationwide belief into its existence. Therefore belief is not certain thing that has to manage with the way persons dress. None the less Cuba is credited with owning one of the ‘coolest’ dress senses in the world.
    Traditional Clothes in Cuba
    Cubans are mostly leveraged by the dress sense of the west there is the Guayabera which is Cuba’s own dignity and delight when it arrives to customary clothing. Also renowned as the Havana top and the Cigar top you will find this Cuban latest tendency to have taken on the world latest tendency scene. The top sports a strange blend of two to four pouches the Guayabera is not that you tuck into your pants. This hip top is farther increased by the varied environment of embroidery work that you will find on it. The embroidery work varies from genuine straightforward pleats to some very elaborate concepts that can get heads turning.
    History of Traditional Clothing in Cuba
    There lives a large deal of argument considering the sources of the guayabera shirt. Some state it pertains to Mexican custom while other ones vouch Thailand as the location of birth for this shirt. The article has taken the pattern of a fable in Cuba where it is undoubtedly acknowledged that the top pertains to Cuba. The article of the top is that it was made particularly for one rich Cuban rancher back in the 1700’s who got it imported from Spain.

  2. Guest10863730
    the Bata Cubana other name for it is Rumba Dress

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