What is Cody Cummings real name? What is the deal with this guy? Any Dirt?

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What is Cody Cummings real name? What is the deal with this guy? Any Dirt?

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  1. Guest28132381

     No real name is Kevin Lengyel, he is in California,

  2. Guest28110723

     Cody Cummings real name is Kevin.

  3. Guest22809762

    idk but all i know is d**n HES HOT!

  4. Guest21914132

     He's definately that other Nextdoormale pornstar "Mario c***o" otherwise known as "Phoenix", Both of them have Tattooes very typical of a "Proud" italian, Phoenix has "Italian Pride" as a tattoo, while Cody Cummings has "Family" on his neck. We all know how Italians are with Family. Cody is Italian American, not sure what his real name is though, Mario c***o wasn't Phoenix's real name either.

  5. Guest21914132

     They never said he was born in "Italy", but Cody Cummings is Italian- American by nationality and descent, so ofcourse "Cummings" is not his surname, its probably something Italian sounding.

  6. Guest21021187
    No Tyler was his old p**n star name and he wasnt even born in italy. Its this persona they created and its not true! And it isnt kyan either...
  7. Guest20346241
    Hie real name is Tyler and he's Italian
  8. Guest20293145

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