What is ‘Breadcrumb Navigation’ in SEO?

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I want to know what breadcrumb navigation means, how it works and how important it is from SEO perspective.

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  3. TedSmiths

    Breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trail is a navigation aid used in user interfaces. It allows users to keep track of their locations within programs or documents.

    For other information ( ).

  4. Marilyn Sheldon

    Breadcrumb naviagtion is very useful for user as it helps user to keep track of their locations within program. It is appeared horizontally above the webpage.

  5. Danial

    A perfect example of Breadcrumbs navigation is given by SEO expert, i.e. Home > SEO Tools > SEO for Firefox. I would like to explain the importance and usage of Breadcrumbs.
    Breadcrumbs on one hand are for users’ ease to identify where exactly on the site he is at the moment and how to go to other sections if he wants to. It does exactly same for search engine bots. Once search engine bots comes and find a smooth flow, they identify the site as structured and indexing a structured site is easy for search engines, so they prefer structured site non structured ones.
    Coming to the usage, breadcrumbs navigation should be designed after running a quick research. Most common way is to use site hierarchy as breadcrumbs navigation, i.e. Home > Level One Category > Level Two Category > Content. But research will help you on finding what users want on your pages and so you develop navigation accordingly, like Home > Top Downloads > Content or Home > Recently Updated Pages > Content.

  6. SEO Expert
    A breadcrumb is a navigational technique used to help search engines and website users understand the relationship between pages. For example: Home > SEO Tools > SEO for Firefox. Whatever page the user is on is unlinked, but the pages above it within the site structure are linked to, and organized starting with the home page, right on down through the site structure.

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