What is Australia Visa Wizard

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What is Australia Visa Wizard?

The Australia Visa Wizard can help you find the Australian visa most likely to meet your specific circumstances. It makes it easier for you to decide what visa you should be applying for and all the related information.

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  1. kate

    The Australian Department of Immigration has introduced a new procedure in order to help users in the tricky process of choosing the most appropriate visa path. In contrast to what all the visa agencies are describing, applying for a visa is not very difficult. But it would be expensive in this case. On the same time it is important to make a planned decision that for which visa one can apply for, because many people will only do it only once and for them it can be confusing and they might feel less confident in the decision process. To help you in this process, Australian Department of Immigration comes up with an influential tool, which is called as “Visa Wizard”, it is created to help users in selecting the Australian visa most likely to meet their specific circumstances and have a smooth ground in getting the visa. The Visa Wizard appears to be a pretty useful and user friendly procedure. In the first step it will figure out, that what visa type will give you the best chances of acquiring visa.To start with the wizard asks 5 key questions:
    1) Why you want to apply for Australian visa?
    2) What passport or nationality you have?
    3) After applying visa what you will be expect?
    4) What is your date of birth?
    5) How long trip you planned to stay in Australia?


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