What information I have to provide to avail PTA car tracking system?

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Can someone tell me that what information I have to provide to avail PTA car tracking system? If anyone of you have idea about this please share it with me.

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  1. ISP Expert
    You have to give the following details: 1. Complete address of registered office of the company as well as business address. 2. Address of place(s) from where services are to be launched. 3. Copy of ID card, current address, permanent address, nationality, and valid passport number of directors (if other than Pakistani). 4. Provision of list of parent, associate, affiliate and subsidiary companies. 5. In case company is incorporated outside Pakistan, it has to obtain incorporation or registration in Pakistan. 6. National income tax number (In case of new company NTN of promoters/ directors be attached). 7. Technical feasibility of the project 8. Detailed network plan of the proposed system (diagrammatic view and its management system showing equipment and communication links). 9. Hardware and software requirement of the project 10. Services required from M/s PTCL or any other licensed operator. 11. Details of tariff of proposed services 12. Attested copy of ?Certificate of Incorporation?, ?Memorandum and Article of Association? and ?Form 29? from Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). 13. List of directors of company with details of equity & shareholder agreement if any. 14. Copy of any agreement/MOU between foreign company(s) and local director (if applicable). 15. In case of joint venture the copy of agreement between the parties. 16. Financial feasibility report inclusive of the following other information: a. Five years projected financial statements b. Statement showing capital cost of project c. Statement showing financial resources of the company for the project 17. Capital cost of the project 18. Detail and documentary evidence for equity and debt. Debt Equity Ratio (Minimum equity 25% of total capital resources) a. Equity including bank balance/cash, saving certificate, shares, moveable and immovable property b. Debt including bank, leasing, relatives/friends or others (specify) 19. Payment of application and evaluation fee. 20. In case of foreign equity participation, complete profile of foreign participants.

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