What happen to the Exact Weight Scale Company of Columbus, Ohio?

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What happen to the Exact Weight Scale Company of Columbus, Ohio?

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    I worked for the Exact Weight Scale Company on West Fifth Ave. in Columbus, Ohio from 1967 through 1970, first in the sheet metal shop and then as a scale assembler and sealer.  We built a wide variety of commercial, scientific, industrial and special purpose netweighers and checkweighers.  Many models were standard production semi-mass produced units and sold via sales reps and catalogs.  The plant I worked in produced some of these, especially the "Shadowgraph" series which were designed for very high precision and easy reading.  I assembled these (one at a time) and "sealed them out" (adjusted, checked and certified for accuracy) for some time.  I also worked for most of my time there in the prototype and custom order shop where we designed and built one-of-a-kind scales on special order as well as development prototypes of potential new models for future production.  The custom order work was very interesting and challenging.  Some were larger than car or small truck.  Many were U.S. Government orders or their defense contractors' orders.  We  designed and built a number of large, high speed, large capacity, explosion resistant, hermetically sealed units for controlling and checking the weight of explosive materials being placed in artilliary shells and other devices.

    We were organized by the UAW and had a number of labor issues over the years.  When I left the company in 1970, it was up for sale and Franklin Electric, based (I think) in either Indianapolis, IN or Cleveland, OH was negotiating to buy it, but they were a non-union company at the time and labor contracts were an issue.  As I understand it, about 1973 they did, in fact buy the company and close our old plant in Columbus.  Apparently, they wanted the patent rights, not the plants nor the workforce.  This is my understanding, but I cannot verify every aspect or detail in which I was not involved after 1970 approx.

    G. Redecker Sr.

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