What freezes faster water or soda?

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I need to know if water freezes faster or soda. I am in grade 5 and have to do something in science fair... basically it is my science fair project. I am sorry i cannot tell what exactly i will be doing because i fear my idea can be stolen..... please help!

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  1. Guest27920388

    soda has bubbles and sugar and water has vitamin and no sugar so water shall and will freeze faster i did a project like yous and got a A+ on it just for using my statement

  2. Danial

    Yes, water will freeze first and soda later and the scientific reason behind this is very simple. If we look at the composition of water and soda we find that water is very simple while chemical composition of soda is complex. Not only soda, but anything added to simple water will change its composition and hence it will take more time to freeze. For instance, you can experiment by having same water in two different bowls…. Keep water in one bowl as it is and add enough sugar to the other one. Now put them for freezing and check which one freezes first!

  3. Guest23208876

     Everyone is answering that water will freeze quickly as compared to soda but no one is telling the reason behind it. Can someone please provide me a valid scientific reason that why water freezes quickly and why soda takes more time? And yes, it is only soda that takes more time or will fresh juices behave similarly too?

  4. ZZ

    I think water freezes faster than soda because it is a single substance, while in soda there are too many things involved

  5. Xpert

     Carbonated liquids take more time to freeze as compared to pure water, so it is clear that water will freeze quickly

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