What episode goku becme super saiyan 5?

by Guest8627  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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What episode goku becme super saiyan 5 and where can get my hands on it.

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  1. Guest28144686

     Ok u stupid retards, there is a super saiyan 5 

    goku and vageta go super saiyan 4 and uses the fusion technique to go super saiyan 5,     B**ch


  2. Guest21399404
    I wish I knew the answer to this question. Unfortunately most of the comments and I stress MOST of them are f*****g retarded and have nothing to do with it. Who's the idiot that keeps making sexual remarks is that the way you deal with being a 40 year old virgin get a life and do something more constructive with your time looser. I'm sure that most of the people on this site really want an answer to the question and it's aparent you just need to locate your brain. So with that being said good luck on your search. And to the serious people on here keep digging maybe an answer will pop up soon peace.
  3. Guest20375278
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  4. Guest20168828
    Super saiyan 5 has never been achieved in any dbz episodes- and AF is a lie "It is said back in the ancient times where the original saiyans rose, they could harness the power of super saiyan 5. Now, in the modern times it is is seemed impossible- unattainable"
  5. Guest19234820
    4 all the people that dragonball af is real its not its called dragonball EX or X plus they said there where not going to be anymore DBZ they lied DBZ kai its a replay of DBZ then will do the 4 DBGT then a new Dragonball series will come (I hope)
  6. Guest15740862
    in dragonball af episode 52 he tranecforms into a super saiyan 5 it also means legedary super saiyan 1 or eamail me at for the real answer dont forget to subscribe
  7. Guest15579865
    when i will f**k u r mother i will try to become supersaiyan10 and f**k her really tight and c*m in her p***y
  8. Guest13606065
    In episode 43-9 of GT.
  9. Guest13157407
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  10. Guest12796868
    he turns super siayan 5 on www. goku trans forms and it shows you all his tranformences in one episode per super sayan
  11. Guest11707679
    The last transformation of goku is ss4.I think that he cant transform into ss5.I am yuvraj
  12. Guest11537832
    There is no Super Saiyan 5 and never will be. Dragonball AF is false. Do your research little nubs. AF stands for April Fools. Meaning, the original AF pictures and edited video you saw years and years ago... That was an April Fools prank. Seriously now. Stop claiming AF is real. It's just a bunch of people with good/bad art and movie skills trying to keep Dragonball/Z/GT alive which, unless we get another team making it, is not going to happen. Dragonball/Z/GT is discontinued. Hence why GT was so short. There is no continuing the original. Maybe some company will buy the rights and continue it but as for now... Just pray.
  13. Guest10726869
    it won't happen as i know ssj4 is the last transformation bulma said that vegeta may transform to ssj5 but she's wrong there is no ssj5!!
  14. Guest10484891
    Hi my name is Kakarot, i come from a place far away just to answer your question and yes i can transform into a super saiyan 5. i shall make myself visible to the public on the 31st of decemeber..certain things are about to happen to your world but safely i am here to protect
  15. Guest10415282
    he turns ssl5 after many seasons only till da tofest villain appears in front of him. may be our grandchildren's children will watch ssl5.
  16. unnamed
    Ahhhhhhhh.... sya ay naging super saiyan sa episode 5... mga putang ina nyu...
  17. Guest10161191
    none it din't happen yet
  18. Guest10140921
    he turns super saiyan 5 in another season called AF but that wont be translated in english
  19. Guest2191246
    he only turns saiyan 4 in gt and so does vageta in gt. there is no super saiyan 5

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