What does it mean when a guy stares at you from across the room?

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ok,during pe me and my friend met these 2 guys yesterday through our guy frien,(we barely know these guys,tho),.and we were having a great time,and these 2 new guys we met were funny they kapt calling eachother names and fightover who's better than who..and they kept on telling us to listen to them and not the other guy like one of them was all like:'believe me,i'm telling the truth listem to me the other guys a liar!" and the other guy would say the same thing.then,we stopped talking when class was over,and went to get ready 4 next period...and then wen me n my friend were out of the girls' locker room,the guy had otcied me wen the bell rang,and stared at me...the next day,we hadn't talked at all,but i think he stared at me during pe class,idk cuz i didn't c him,and i may not have reconized him..but anyways,i think i saw him after pe was over,i did notice he had stared at me from across the room,when i walked out of the girls' locker room,he noticed me,and was staring...and i kept staring back,and he didn't care i noticed him...then after skewl,as i was waiting 2 get picked up,i think i saw him but not sure,so i stared at him,and he stared back and after a few times,he stared at me with a serious look,he may hav been tryna reconize me,idk,but he did stare...and then idk if he was lookin' at me still wen i left skewl,cuz i was gonna leave skewl n i was looking at him,then he noticed me,n den i looked away and 2 guys began 2 tease me,so i got up and started tlking to them n teasing bak,then i went bak 2 get my bakpack,then left..he may have been staring,idk...but what does this staring mean???is he interested???

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  1. Guest23350882

    maybe he wants to get to know you better,he likes you /wants to go out with you,thinks your pretty,or he just likes what he sees!

  2. Guest23350882

    well,he could have been tryna reconize you if he saw u after pe class the first day u met him...but the next day,maybe he was tryna reconize u,and he could have thought u were pretty or is the after skewl drama thing:if he stares at you with a serious look on his face,i would say he's interested or could like u...mayb,idk,i'm no expert.

    well,usually guy stares=to liking you,soo he mite (definitely not sure) b interested.

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