What does it mean when a guy stares at you from across the room and a serious look on his face?

by Guest23352290  |  7 years ago

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i met this guy in my 7th period class about 2-3 days ago,and we barely know eachother..and anyways,after the class was over,there was a big group of pple and i was there just being quiet and i noticed he was staring at me from across the room and didn't care i noticed him...and then,the next day,the moment he noticed me in 7th period,he stared at me with a serious look on his face...and he was staring at me as i was talking to my friends...but i never looked in his direction,i pretended 2 not notice him at all...oh,and we didn't talk at all the next day,we didn't talk at all the only time we really talked alot was when we met..and anyways,that same day after skewl,i think isaw him,and he stared at me all serious 2 (but im not sure if dat waz him tho cuz i couldn't reconize the person well),but what does the staring thing mean?was he tryna reconize me??or was something on his mind?

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  1. ZZ

     First of all I think that guy is madly interested in you. He likes you or is in love with you and he is i bit shy so doing his best to show his love. Hope he will one day find enough courage to face you while standing in-front of you and talk about his feelings to you. 

    Secondly I thin you are also interested in that guy as well that is why you are so much talking about him. You know about each and every move that he makes so you are very much noticing him and this tells that you are also taking your time to read him and then make your decision. 
    Now you both are right at your place and I think if that dump is not been able to talk to you then you should your self go to him and start talking with him. He might be a good guy and after talking to him you can have much bettor idea about him so instead of waiting and wasting time you should start on with him or give an end to the story. Time is money don't waste money.

  2. Guest23352336

    he was either:

    1)tryna reconize you

    2)he might think ur pretty and may like u or hav a lil crush on u!!!

    p.s. but i am sure 1 of the reasons he was starin' at you waz cuz he was reconizing u,or was tryna reconize datz a reason...

    he also may just wanna be your friend and get to know u met a few days ago,right?...and if u think something is going on in his mind,it's probably he likes u,thinks ur pretty,or is daydreaming..or half asleep,relaxing,etc...he could also be thinking "i wanna be your friend and get 2 kow you better",but it depends on how well u know this guy,and from what i can c u barely know him,so,he may like u or just wanna b ur friend/get 2 no u better...but if he knew u and u 2 were friends or something,he probably would've liked u 2,or was stalking u,or he would've known something about u tht u didn't know he knew.but since ui don't know him,it's different.

    hope this helped!!!

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