What does it mean when a guy stares at you but doesn't talk to you?

by Guest23155261  |  8 years, 6 month(s) ago

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there is this guy i've known for about a week,and he stares at me and doesn't talk to me.and i always have to start the conversatiuons before he even talks to me.and last time i talked to him he didn't talk at all.just a little wave.i just said hi and he waved and didn't he shy or something??oh,and he never ends eye-contact until i do wenever we look into eachother's eyes...wats this meen?

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  1. Skyler

    he likes you and is shy and doesn't know how to approach you

    i'mma dude

  2. Guest23209860

    he likes you.usually when guys like girls,they want the girls to start conversatuons.i heard it'svery discouraging to a guy wen girls dot start the convoos..but it may not be that could be that he likes u and is 2 shy 2 approach you/and or/he doesnt no how 2 approach u dosnt no wat 2 say.he likes you

  3. ZZ

    This simply means that he is deeply in love with you. He is very very very much shy so that is why not being able to talk with you.
    Though you give it a go but still he hesitate to speak means that his words vanish way the moment you are in front of him.
    This is truly feeling that is never explainable. Now you have to make the choice and if you like him then you need to talk to him your self because i think that he would not be getting that much of confidence which is required to express love.

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