What does it mean when a guy hols your hand tight in public and asks you out as a joke?

by Guest22715708  |  9 years ago

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ok this situation is with 2 is the 1st guy:he and me were play-fighting and talking in the hallway and he just grabbed my hand and twisted my arm (he may have been trying 2 show off his strength idk) and when he was holding my hand it was soo tight i couldnt take it out and i said aww it hurts and gave him a asign 2 let go but he never let go till he felt like it so whats it mean???ok here is the 2nd guys story: this guy and me were talking in class with this other girl and then he kept talking about whos-going out-with who and then he teased me about other guys like he said luis wnats 2 know if u wnna go out and later,as we were getting deeper into the conversation he said this exactly this: "wanna go out with m-i me??" then after i said noo he said he was just kidding then the girl we were talking 2 said what would u say if he asked u out 4 real realz??i would say yes but i told her no cuz i was embarassed!!!plus,i think this dude likes me cuz he always gets mad wen i tlk 2 other seems like he wants me all 2 himself so what do all these things meen???

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    those guys just love you and probably nthink ur hot and are jealous of eachother cuz they both like u and want to go out with u and they want a relationship with u and they both wanna be ur boyfriend and for u to be their girlfriend im sorry maam but ur gonna have to choose one.who likes you more?who cares about you more?who will do anything for you?who will help you in the future?who will like u for who u r not just what u look like?who will LOVE u more?who cannot live without u?who do u c being with better in the future?one or the other?u gotta choose.&if u dont feel the same about these guys,then tell them straight out but not in an offensive way.try to be nice.afterwards give them a hug and wrap ur arms around them.but if u like one of them dont ignore the other nice to the other one and tell them you dont feel the same(not in an offensive way),but a very emotional sweet,loving caring,and nice way,if u like both of them,choose the one who is better,loves u more,and cares about you more.


  3. Guest22715708

    plus,these guys and me all have the same class 6th period and when they catch eachother staring at me,they look at eachother time 1 guy called the other 1 a bad word and the guy said what did u just call me???

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