What does it mean when a guy follows you and seems jealous when you talk to another guy?

by Guest24917630  |  8 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Ok,so i'm in middle school (junior high)...and today at lunch,this guy was staring at me and this other girl i knew. . . we were hanging out in different groups of friends and he seemed mad and jealous when we were both talking to other guys...allthough,today i was around this big group of guys,and like i saw him coming towards me and idk if he was following me or not....but as he was walking towards me and the guys,he was staring at me and the guys a little does he like me? i know last year his friend told me he called me "hot".

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  1. Guest24999372

     he likes you

  2. Skyler

    he likes you and wants to go out with you.he doesn't want you to go out with another guy.and if he says ur hot,he means your very pretty,u have a nice body,and ur s**y.his friend must've let out a lil secret he said about u(which is tht ur hot).

  3. Guest24918666

    :)              ~he likes you and is jealous of the other guys. he only went near you and the other boys to see if u were talking..and even if u were,he would've eavesdropped on y'all! (if u dnt no what "eavesdrop" means,it means to listen to someone's convo)... he could be a stalker,too...i mean,just sayin'!! and yeaahhh,he probably WAZ followin' yuuh sistar!~ (;

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