What does it mean when a guy calls you a stalker?

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READ FULL DESCRIPTION PLEASE THANKS!!!! ok today me and this guy just met and he called me a staker just cuz i asked him wat his NAME was...and then i asked what his friends name was and we tlked blah blah blah but only me and the friend had a regular convo i didnt tlk 2 the guy at all while i was tlking 2 his friend...then,ever since we met,he has been teasing me...and then i tried tricking him but he took it the wrong way...he thought i wanted to bite him wen i said "a vampire is gonna come and get you and bite u on the neck!!!" l0l...anyways,this is freaky...we barely even know eachother and he kept on making me laugh,AND he teased me by saying "thats not sexual" and we were not even talking about that stuff!then after he said that he walked away and wen i went near him,hes like "eeew go away get outta here dont come close and dont touch me!!!"
so what doe sit mean?
p.s. we barely met today after school!it wasnt like during school!so do y'all think he likes me??

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  1. Guest24974027

    when a guy calls you a stalker,that usually means he is the one stalking you. he makes it look like its you when its not. how much do you bump into him ? how much does he know about you? does he know how many friends you have and who they are and all their names? does he know your school schedule without you telling him? from there,you can see if hes stalking you.

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  3. Guest22792614

    it was love at first sight.he likes you.its obvious.he wants to be ur girlfriend.if he says sexually it means he likes you.look it up.

  4. Guest22792474

    Well,Im no expert but this really depends on the guy..he might like you but you don't know unless 1) he tells you 2) he asks you out.

    you dont know either cuz u barely met and how could u knw if someone likes you just by meeting them??u need to get to know him better to be able to know that...start talking to him more,and try to have alone time with him and see his reaction..i have a good one to see if he really likes you (this is if u dnt no other words,u can do this if u dnt even no him 2 c if he likes you):  1) flirt around with another guy in front of him,walk past by him while ur spending alone time with a guy friend, 3) talk about the people u have crushes on with friends wen hes around or 4) u can say someone asked u out and u said yes/u can lie in front of the guy n say u have a bf to ur friend wen hes around...


    oh,and if he said the word "sexually" that is a huge sign he could like you.and u know what???


    when he first saw you,it couldve been <3 LOVE <3 at first sight and he may have wanted to kiss u or pretend u were his gf or possibly do u cuz of the word "s*x"ually.



    p.s. whoevers gonna answer this question,who agrees with me???this girl needs help here especially cuz she barely met this guy soo yeaa...

  5. Guest22791987

    and all this happened and my friends were around and he said sexual and he didnt seem 2 care so he may like me but not sure...please HELP ME

  6. Guest22791987

    i need at leat one answer cuz i dont even know this guy and he said the word "sexual" sooo...idk does he like me???

    p.s. i knw some of the description is weird y'all like wen i tried tricking him,that was D-U-M-B

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