What does it mean when a boy almost kisses your lips? but your not bf/gf

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Im in middle school. last year two boys almost kissed me on the lips.. one in class, and the other in the hallway.. we always teased eachother and would stare at eachother a lot and kinda flirt sometimes.. but the bad thing was that both boys and me used to have 1 class 2 gether and they would get mad and jealous of eachother because they both liked me (i think, not sure). but still..what does the "almost" kissing thing mean?
No mean comments, please! I really appreciate your help!! :P

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  1. Guest25004857

    whoever was closer 2 ur face when they almost kissed u liked u more trust me on this 1..

    - Anonymous ~

  2. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    Even though your not sure if the boys liked you, they did. They were in a competition. They were both jealous and upset with eachother because they both wanted you and wanted to see who was going to get the girl. (in other words, who was good enough/better for her.)  They both tried kissing you. They both flirted with you. They both stared at you. They both playfully teased you. But here's the really important questions: "Who did it more" "Who was closer to your face when they kissed you" "Which guy is better at "almost" kissing" (If you don't understand that, then who looked/was better when they were about to kiss you, then didn't.. From there on out though, you can still see whos a better kisser. Maybe even a better boyfriend. It really all just depends on the boy, really.) I'm in middle school and i have a lot of knowledge. I'm sure your pretty smart, too. It doesn't matter how you look, what you have, who you are. What matters is your life- & right now, you just learned something.

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