What does canada export to mexico?

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What does canada export to mexico?

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    bla bla bla

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    we export timber, mayple syrup, gemstones, uranium, wheat, technologies, machinery, power, iron ore, aircrafts, pork, copper, pulp, soybean, coal and paper. There is more things we export but i think that'll do. I hope i helped!!!!!

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    guest 18549603 helped a bit

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    ur poo

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    thanks Guest18549603

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    <p>many things<br /> &nbsp;</p>

  7. Guest21946100

    many things

  8. Guest18549603
    Canada Exports many things to Mexico, including motor vehicle parts, wheat, canola, iron and steel products, machinery, mechanical appliances, telecommunications equipment, meat and livestock, paper, wood pulp, aircraft and parts, seeds, and dairy products, stuff like that. Hope it helped.... =]
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    it exports loets of things

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