What does asa lama lakum mean?

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What does asa lama lakum mean? Does anyone have any idea of what it means. Is it same as Assalaamu Alaikum or asa lama lakum is something else?

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  1. Guest22776675

    As-Salaamu  means hello in arabic u f****n stupied a*s hoez and who said its an african american word?? jus cause nikki said dat dont mean its an african word f****n stupiied ppl these days muslims dont eat pork dats wat shes sayin hello (AsSalaamu Alaikum) no oink for me (no pork for me)  

  2. Guest22763058

    Some of the vulger replies remind me of "radio Raheem" in do the right thing. He was vulger and arrogant, and in the end, he met his maker sooner, rather than later.  Some of the "ignorant people," are just being funny, trying to get a reaction. Do sme of you have to be mean and vulger?  Lighten up, especially given the topic at hand (yes, peace be unto you too). Lastly, please do not cuss me out if I got Raheem wrong! 

  3. Guest22690840

    WTF? People you're being really f****n' ignorant. Yeah Muslims don't eat pork, but she didn't say that for that reason. It basically means "Peace be Unto You" but someone already answered that correctly

  4. Guest22624984

    All yall get a life!

    ....may God be with all you weirdos!!! for the weirdo that said Christians suck...u have no morals!

    arguing over something that is not that serious...

    it just means peace be upon you!!!



  5. Guest22597304

    this is the most nasty, vile, horrible page i have ever read that is supposed to be about a question answered regarding "peace be unto you."

  6. Guest22579852

    It means -May peace be on to you, Its spelled- As-Salaamu Alaikum, Its a greeting. Nothing more or less, I guess ignorance is bliss. Nikki is saying that she does not eat pork, like Muslims. Don't let Stupidity rule your life!

  7. Guest21659841

    it is a muslim word meaning hello or bye and muslim people dont eat pork so thats wat she talking about when she say asalama lakim i dont f**k wit pigs 

  8. Guest21423636
    the song says i dont f**k with pigs i let oscar mayer bake em!
  9. Nikki
    It is an islamic greeting word like saying hello or hi in english. it is written as : السلام عليكم
  10. Guest20505390
    Christians Suck a*s!!!
  11. Guest19933226
    it means peace be with you or peace be upon you... like saying mucho gusto (espanol) your reply wud be y tu meaning you when someone who is muslim (it is used between followers of islam) say asa lama lakum (peace be with you or hello) your reply would be salakum salam (peace to you too) or how are you!
  12. Guest19674464
    You mother fuckers are so God d**n doesn't mean any of what the h**l you all are's Arabic.Look it the h**l up and don't listen to these dummies because apparently they don't know my language.
  13. Guest19183724
    it means african american i looked it up dummys:]
  14. Guest19062643
    that means something that i dont noe eat c**p
  15. Guest18259229
    wat does asa lama lakum mean
  16. Guest18194876
    peace be upon u
  17. Guest17134976
    you say that to greet a single person or all the people in a room. for example u step into a barber shop and say "assalaam alaikum" and they say "alaikum assalam". but its also a kind of prayer, cus it means like "hi, in the name of God/Allah", "peace be upon you", and you also signify that you're a muslim in a way. but everyone could say it, its a sign of respect to eachother.
  18. Guest16903105
    peace be upon you
  19. Guest16823375
    Asa Lama Lakum means the same to black muslims as it does arab's. Peace be with you. But it is spelled asa lama lakum(african spelling) instead of Assalam alaikum(arabic spelling). Step your knowledge up Guest15248083 or SIT YO a*s DOOOWWWWWNNNNN! *It's BARBIE b***h*
  20. Guest16812108
    when Nikki minaj says she doesnt f**k with pigs like asa lama lekum she means she does not mess with the police. Pigs mean the police and she doesnt mess with pigs (pork) (police) just how the muslim (asa lama lekum) dont mess with pork
  21. Guest16394463
    it means will you suck my pig d**k
  22. Guest16321997
    Assalam alaikum is how you spell it, and it's arabic for "peace be upon you" she says asalama alaikum cuz muslims dont eat pork.. "i dont f**k wit pigs like assalam alaikum"
  23. Guest16259914
    no it doesnt, in her song itty bitty she says that cause most Islamic people speak Arabic nd dnt eat pork! saying asa lama lakum was a way for her to refer to them nd she doesnt f**k with pigs because its pork..!
  24. Guest16215524
    It means that u dont eat meat like that and step you cookies up before they crumble........
  25. Guest16043206
    does anyone here know what nick minaj means when she says it in her song itty bitty piggy "i don't f**k pigs like asa lama lukum" i dont get what she means? explain please
  26. Guest15922228
    the stupid person who said 'its not african is very ignorant....AFRICA IS A CONTINENT!! 52 COUNTRIES IN AFRICA..PLUS THOUSANDS OF LANGUAGES..what do u mean by its not african? silly get it right
  27. Guest15387265
    it mean hi i speak that languge
  28. Guest15248083
    it means "peace be upon you" in arabic . it is NOT african.
  29. Guest14779539
    Asa lama lakum is african just the way it spaelled but i dont know wat it mean
  30. Guest14557110
    Do you mean it when Nicki Minaj says it in her song "Itty Bitty PIggy"?

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