What does Belieber mean

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What does Belieber mean

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  1. Guest28045686

     Belieber means to be a fan of a Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

  2. Guest23203842

    Being a Belieber means we will never stop believing in Justin Bieber.Justin Bieber is the awesomest and kindest person in the world and anyone who is a fan of him shuold stick with him thru thick and thin.WE LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!! :) :) :)

  3. Guest22615650
    I guess either you do not know who Justin Bieber is or you are a new fan of Justin who is now trying to find out what it means to follow Justin. Since you seem to be new to this, here it is – Justin Bieber‘s fan have created our own language and in our language: Belieber is one who 'believes in Justin'

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