What do the other countries have to say about Libya Crises?

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The Libya crises have a lot to do with oil prices all over the world so how the other countries are reacting to the present situation in Libya.

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  1. Harry

    Some of the European countries like France along with the likes of U.S and Russia have shown their deep concern over the presently ongoing Libya crisis. The French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe wants to declare Libya no-fly zone for the protection of Libyan citizens but the U.S, Russia and other European countries have shown least interest in having a military convention in Libya presently.
    On Monday US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Mahmoud Jibril, who handles foreign affairs for Libya's transitional national council, to have a conversation about ways in which the United States can assist the Libyan people in their efforts against the Gaddafi regime. However, Clinton stopped short of offering military aid

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