What do animals see?

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What do animals see?

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    Many animals can see things that we cannot. For example, cats can see at night when it is too dark for us. However, we do not know what animals actually perceive. There is an important difference between light reaching the retina, apart of eye responsible for seeing, and actually what is seen. The ability to differentiate between different colors varies enormously in different types of animals. Although color plays a great role in human life, there is, with the exception of certain insects, still little evidence about the roles of color perception in other animals. So far we only know that color vision in most animals is very limited, and probably bears little resemblance to humans'. Nevertheless, it is proven that animals see some form of color vision. For example, in the eyes of honeybee, more than half the visual cells respond best to yellow-green light; about one fourth respond maximally to blue light; and the rest one fourth respond best to ultraviolet light, allowing the honeybee to see most colors except the red.

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