The popular dances in the 1980s

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I am very much fond of dancing. I have heard that the art of dancing was at its best during the period of 1980s. For this reason I would like to know the dances that were popular in that particular period.

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  1. Harry

     If we talk about the dances that were popular during the 1980s, then there is a list and description of various eighties dances. The dances include African Anteater Ritual, Alf, Alligator, Axel Rose, Back The Bus Up, Bedrock, Belinda, Bingo Boy, Boogie Down, Caustic Potash, Chinese Typewriter, Churnin' Butter, Dancin' In The Dark Improved, Deathrocker, Dolphin, E.T., Ed Lover Dance, Fairy Dance, Fancy Feet, Fila, The Fishing Pole, Fishy, Freak Dancing Or Freaking, Funky Alien, Gigolo, "Go" Song, Grapple, Guess, Hangin' Tough, Happy Feet, Headache, Hello Kitty, Hootier, Lcky Shuffle, Lambada, Leg Kick Line, Love Bird, Michael Jackson circles, Milking the cow, Molly Ringwald dance, Moonwalk, Muppet, New Kids dance, Nuclear War on the dance floor, Palm tree, ParaPara, Pencil, Ping-Pong, Pitsbull shake, Popcorn, Pop'n Loc, Prep, Q-Tip, Red Indian Dance, Risky Business, Robo Cop, Robot or Super Robot, Roger Rabbit, Running Man, Setter, Shopping Cart, Sideslide, Skywalk, Slam, Smurf, Soca Dance, Speaker, Spin, Sprinkler, Stewardess, SuperBowl Shuffle, Toe-stand, Truffle Shuffle, Typewriter, Whales, w*p and The Worm. On counting, they are very nearly around eighty different types on dances that were popular during the eighties. For some reasons, most of the dances, despite being practiced in other countries have been basically originated from India.

  2. Guest5001032
    What dances were invented in the 1980's?

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