What construction waste recycling process is?

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On December 22, Ifeng reporter walked into the famous construction waste recycling equipment manufacturer for interviews and recording material. The reporter came to a construction waste recycling site in the southern suburbs of Zhengzhou. On the installation site, two large mobile crushing and screening equipment is running. a excavator was continuously conveying waste concrete blocks into the feeding mouth and the small stones and limestone was flowing out of discharging mouth. It is said that this whole set of construction waste recycling equipment can handle construction and demolition waste more than 300 tons per hour. Considering it works 10 hours a day, its daily processing capacity is 3000 tons and 32 million tons annually. The output value amounts to 80 -90 million yuan.

Hongxing construction waste recycling equipment are installed the world first-class technology of lightweight separation technology and prophase construction waste sorting technology, which is introduced from German. The construction waste processing technology is mainly controlled by foreign companies and at present Hongxing is the only domestic company owning the technology. As we all know, construction waste through the processing of mobile crushing plant can be changed into various environmental-friendly bricks, sand aggregate and building aggregate, changing waste into treasure. Hongxing construction waste recycling equipment will process the construction waste into renewable building materials which will be used in architectural design and roads paving. It has the very good environmental protection significance and will greatly reduce the consumption caused by the mining natural material exploitation.

Hongxing tell you a new solution: using construction waste for soft soil ground. Loading the construction waste on the floor according to certain loading rate after crushed. Loading Step by step can let the soil pore discharge water gradually, making the foundation soil dense. Compared with the hongxing soil, the construction waste is less likely to deform in the same loads. The deformation characteristic of construction waste is related to humid conditions. Watering will speed up the water settlement. After a certain time dumping, the bearing capacity of the settling amount construction waste can be improved.

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