What are your thoughts for @All: off the Subject , If other wise ok with you, I Want some comments o

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@All: off the Subject , If other wise ok with you, I Want some comments on "Dear Mr Atta Ur Rahman,( Minster of Science 7 technology, Chairman HEC 2002-2008)What Leap Frog Achievement Science & technology did locally developed for sustained economic & social growth in Pakistan under your tenure, other then wasting billions in foreign funded Ph.D. ,Good for Nothing to Almost Illiterate Pakistan , Money should be spent Justly & Wisely , the Money be spent on Compulsory Education for All across the country up to garde 12 with Maths, Science & English ,Local Language as one Standard Syllabus at its core, Ph.D. should be promoted on technical & scientific subjects at local universities , Its far better to have Population of 180 million with 99 % 12 graders then Population of 180 million 90% illiterate/fakers & 1 % Ph.D. Promote Ph.D. at your own or departmental cost, Departmental/ or Private Scholarship, Certainly not at the expense of Tax payers.
Interesting! Investing in science and engineering

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