What are the ways to prevent prostate cancer?

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I have heard about prostate cancer, It can cause many complications , what are the ways by which we can avoids this disease, can you tell what lifestyle we should follow to stay away from this disease?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are many complications of prostate cancer, especially after radiation therapy or the removal of prostate. But the recent improvement advancement in the surgical procedures have made these complications less common. The Urinary incontinence is another type of complication. Similarly the medications can cause side effects, hot flashes and also the loss of sexual desire. There is no known way for the prevention of prostate cancer. Following the diet plan of vegetarian , low fat diet or the one which is similar to the Japanese diet might lower the risk of getting prostate cancer. Some of the early identification is now possible by the screening men which are over the age of 40.
    There is debate, whether the PSA testing should be done in all of these men. There are many disadvantages of PSA testing. One of the first is that the high PSA level does not mean that a patient has prostate cancer. The decision of using the PSA testing to check the patients for prostate cancer should be based on the discussion between the doctor and the patient. Your health expert will be closely watching you for the spread of cancer. This involves the routine checkup. The monitoring might include:
    Serial PSA blood test
    Bone scan CT scan
    Complete blood count CBC
    Monitoring other signs and symptoms of the patient like fatigue, weight loss or increased pain.

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