Torque specifications for 4BA1 engine Isuzu 4 cylinders

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I have my question regarding the chain torque specs for 4BA1 engine Isuzu 4 cylinders. I have been driving Lorries with Isuzu engine from quite a while now. As I am a quite a new heavy duty driver so I do not happen to have much knowledge about some of the Isuzu engine features from the maintenance point of view. For this reason, I would want to know about torque specs for 4BA1 engine Isuzu 4 cylinders.

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  1. Harry

     Isuzu has used both their own engines, and General Motors-built engines. Isuzu has also produced engines for General Motors, Honda, Toyota and Mazda. The 4BA1 is a 2.8L diesel sold in Isuzu ELF light trucks from 1981–1983. The Engine has Auto Engine Crankshaft main bearing sets, connection rod bearing/big end bearing. Along with this, it has 3 piston rings with 98MM length: 112.3mm and pin size: 33*85. All such features together make the engine was long lasting one provided that the engine is treated properly and the oil is changed when it is required to be changed. This is one of the main reason that it is used in the light trucks which can move within the city or can move out of the city on long drives carrying a number of goods. The specially designed bearings and the pistons together keep the engine working well even when the engine gets heated up in certain emergency circumstances. This is one of the reasons that most transporters prefer Isuzu engine.

  2. Guest10684150
    what is the horse power of 4ba1 engine

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