What are the top universities in Malaysia that accepts international students?

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Hey I am 18 years old and I am thinking about studying in Malaysia kuala lumpur, but I don’t know much so I want to know what are the top universities in Malaysia that I can go to?

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  1. Guest23117857
    Currently, the best universities in Malaysia are: University Islam Antarabangsa University Kebangsaan Malaysia University Malaya University Putra Malaysia University Sains Malaysia University Technology Malaysia University Teknolog Mara. University Multimedia University Kuala Lumpur University Teknologi Petronas Sunway University Kolej Curtin University Teknologi Kampus Sarawak Monash University Kampus Sunway Taylor’s University Kolej International Medical University Swinburne University Teknologi Kampus Sarawak University Nottingham Kampus Malaysia Management and Science University

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