What are the tests to diagnose prostate cancer?

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I wanted to get myself tested for prostate cancer, can you tell how it is diagnosed, and can you name the methods and tests that are available to diagnose prostate cancer.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The Rectal Exam show the enlarged prostate with a hard and irregular service. There are number of tests that can be conducted for the diagnosis of prostate cancer:
    PSA test can help in determining the level of PSA level that can give us the indication of variations in the levels of PSA.
    Free PSA(that might help in the difference between the BPH and the prostate cancer)
    AMACR( it is a newer and more sensitive than the PSA test for the determination of prostate cancer.
    The Urinalysis can also show blood in the urine
    Urine or the prostate fluid testing might help in revealing the unusual cells.
    The biopsy of prostate is the only main test for the confirmation and diagnosis.
    These tests can help in the determination whether the cancer is spread or not:
    CT scan
    Bone scan
    Chest X-ray
    Health care providers use a system that is known as staging in order to describe how far the cancer has grown. The tumor size and how far the cancer has spread for the determination of its stage. The best treatment is possible by identifying the correct stage.
    There are different ways and stages for the tumors which are
    The TNM staging system
    The A-B-C-D staging system which is called Whitmore-Jewett system.
    There are many different ways to stage tumors, including:
    • The TNM staging system (most common)
    • The A-B-C-D staging system, also known as the Whitmore-Jewett system

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