What are the step by step of tinikling dance?

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I have my question regarding the tinkling dance. I am very much fond of dancing and have won several prizes at different levels and still looking forward to further improve in the art of dancing. Nevertheless, I want to have some information about Tinkling Dance step by step.

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  2. Harry

     If we look at the Filipino history, the tinikling is the National Dance of the Philippines, according to the Philippine government. The tinikling originated in Leyte in the Visayan islands of the Philippines. One legend has it that centuries ago, when Spain conquered the Philippines, peasants who did not work hard enough were punished by having to stand between two poles on the ground that were then beaten against their feet. Jumping to escape the beating evolved into the dance. Tinikling involves five steps; during the first four steps, the dancers dance opposite each other, and during the last step, they start from the same side of the poles. The bamboo is also used as a percussive instrument as it is banged against the ground (or a piece of wood to make it easier to hold) and each other in a pattern. The bamboo has to be closed hard enough to make a sound, and the dancers must be quick enough to not get their foot (or feet) caught. As the dance continues, the banging of the bamboo becomes faster and harder, the sound of the clashing bamboo and the quickness of feet demonstrated by the dancers thrilling and awing the crowd.

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    tinikling steps

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