What are the seeds in the interstellar seeding theory?

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Do you know about the seeds in the interstellar seeding theory. Please help me!

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  1. James Augustus

    The astrobiologist has alleviated the panspermia theory which recommends an extra-terrestrial source for life.
    Scientist asserts for a cycle of life as microbes pinpoint their way into comets and "multiply and seed other planets".
    In the written material, issued in the International Journal of Astrobiology, Monday, he asserts humans and indeed all life on Earth is of alien source, brought onto the planet by comets beating the planet.
    Prof Wickramasinghe, of Cardiff University's quintessence for astrobiology, says there is a cyclical transfer process of life from planet to planet.
    He believes comets beat planets and shove vibrant organic material out into space, numerous of which survives and in turn receives transferred to creating planetary webs through a timescale of millions and millions of years, seeding life on the newly profiled planets.
    He recognizes this model immobile does not describe how life presently started in the first location, but says there is no hard evidence to encourage the theory that life simply started in a "primordial soup" on Earth, or other places.
    Over the past three decades research has shown that many swathes of the Milky Way are strewn with immense fine particles clouds full of organic molecules, which numerous populations have asserted demonstrates life emerging independently from novel in these clouds.
    In his paper, he says recent elucidation of spectra readings from the organic molecules found in interstellar clouds has gestured that they are in sighting the stays of bacteria which has been contravened down, alternatively being built up.

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