What are the safety precautions to ba observed in the laboratory?

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Could you tell me about the safety measures taken in labs during performing any practical. Thanks!

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  1. James Augustus

    Whenever you are going to perform any practical in chemical lab, you must follow the instruction given by your instructor or teacher. Otherwise, you can experience any unwanted problem or issue. So be very careful in labs. You need to follow the following instructions whenever you are going to perform any practical in the lab.
    Goggles must be worn, it is better for you to cover your eyes completely, at all times. If you want to remove them, It is always advisable that you should leave the laboratory first. Always use those goggle which are give you to use during practical in the lab. You will be asked to leave the lab if you do not have your goggles on.
    Avoid using Contact lenses in lab. It is instructed not to use contact lenses in place of goggle.
    Disposable gloves are always available in the lab and you will be advised to wear them before starting any practical. So you should wear them whenever handling hazardous chemicals. Remove the gloves after performing practical in the lab and wash your hand.
    The following chemicals are known to be very toxic even in small amounts. It require great care when you handle these chemicals:
    • Glutaraldehyde (fixative)
    • Lead citrate (stain)
    • Sodium cacodylate, Cacodylic acid (buffer for fixation, contains arsenic)
    • osmium tetroxide (fixative)
    • Uranyl acetate (stain) (also mildly radioactive, cannot be made totally non-radioactive)
    • Uranyl magnesium acetate (stain) (also mildly radioactive, cannot be made totally non-radioactive)

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    What are the laboratory safety precaution of maintenance computer in the laboratory

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