Difficulties for Indians applying for Australia visas?

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I heard a lot that there are some difficulties for the Indian community when they apply for Australia visas. What is the real story out there?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Diplomatic staff at the levels at Australian Missions in New Delhi and Mumbai have been reduced along with the Australian Government's travel advice on India. This advice is issued on 29 May, it states that Australians should refrain all travel to India and advises those Australians in India to consider for departing option using available commercial means. This advice has been issued keeping in view the light of tensions between India and Pakistan and for the safety of Australian nationals.

    The withdrawal of some of the Australian staff from these Missions will have an effect on normal operations, that include the arrangements for visa processing. The Visa Office in Mumbai has been closed to the public until further notice. No new applications for the visa by mail or in person can now be lodged there. All enquiries at the present should be directed to Australian High Commission in New Delhi. From 3rd June onwards, till further notice, the Australian visa office in New Delhi can present limited visa operations only.

    Complete details are provided in the outline of current visa arrangements for India and Pakistan and it can also be seen from the following link.

    So currently due to some change in the policies of the immigration process there are some restrictions for applying visa to Australia from India but the change is the policy or after sometime this will change and there will be a good comprehensive plan for the travelers.

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