What are the gameshark codes of ruby destiny?

by Guest10505033  |  9 years ago

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PLZ PLZ can anyone tell me gameshark codes for ruby dstiny
m dyin over here searchin 4 it




  1. Guest22563952

    Well to be honest i have pokemon ruby destiny reign of legends on my vba and i used for my answer and in the search box type (pokemon ruby destiny gameshark codes) and there should at least be very decent codes and if they dont work try google and maybe they have the answer :) but trust me heres some links i got it from and theres thats where i got my hacks from email me if u want more pokemon cheats my email is so email me and if it doesnt work for you email me and ill try and find some more for ya :P

  2. Guest17896507
    devihell cheeat
  3. Guest17595475
    They are too undefined for the gameshark code system however u can still use the original ruby codes from gameeshark its just u cant get the newer pokemon that way u will have to find them ur own way
  4. Guest14696043
  5. Guest13924979
  6. Guest11097799
    its easy, just search for action replay/gameshark/code breaker cheats for the normal pokemon ruby they are the same

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