What are the features of PNB India Classic Debit Card?

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I am collecting information regarding Punjab National Bank India. I want to know, What are the features of PNB India Classic Debit Card?

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    PNB India Classic Debit Card is the most popular Debt Card for Saving Account Holders. Classic Debit card can be issued in the personalized and non-personalized forms. In Non – Personalized cards name of the customer is not embossed on the card. Personalized cards has the name of the customer embossed on the card. This card has a daily cash withdrawal limits of Rs.25000/-. A similar separate daily limit is available for POS + ecommerce transactions. It is a signature based card that can be used at POS terminals like a credit card (i.e. swipe the card at POS terminal and sign the receipt). The card can also be used over the Internet for shopping (E-commerce transactions). As per norms, a Debit Card has to be registered for 3 D Secure password before it can be used for e-commerce transactions..

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