What are the drugs used for the treatment of Asthma?

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I am looking for some medicines for the treatment of my Asthma, as I am having some Asthma problems, what are some of the drugs which are for the treatment of Asthma.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    One of the most important drug that is used for Asthma is Theophylline. It exerts some of the anti-inflammatory effect and is also helpful in controlling some of the symptoms of Asthma. If for some reason, a patient cannot use the inhaler to maintain the long-term control, theophylline is a good alternative. The blood levels of the drug can be measured periodically because too high dose can cause abnormal heart rhythm or convulsions. There are drugs of choice for reliving the sudden attack of Asthma and for the prevention of attacks that are triggered by the exercise, these type of drugs normally start acting within few minutes, but their effects last only for about four to six hours.
    Steroids are drugs that resemble some of the natural body hormones. They usually block the inflammation and are effective in relieving some of the symptoms of Asthma. In case the steroids are taken by inhalation for a long period of time, the asthma attacks become less frequent as the airways become less sensitive to the allergens. Other drugs which are includecromolyn and nedocromil which are known as anti-inflammatory drugs that are mostly used as a initial treatment for the prevention of long term Asthmatic attacks in childrens. If a patients Asthma is the result of Allergan then they cannot be avoided and it becomes difficult to control the symptoms only by using drugs, in this case immunotherapy might can be tried in this situation. If the Asthma of patient is caused by an allergen then it cannot be avoided and it becomes difficult to control the symptoms by using drugs, in this case immunotherapy can be tried.
    The use of Immunotherapy should requires a careful understanding, because not all of the experts want to use it, some studies have shown that it reduces the asthmatic symptoms which are caused by the exposure to the mites, pollen and cats.

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