What are the different techniques to win the sci dama game. What chips should be moved first if i

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What chips should be moved first if i am to do the first move?

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  1. Guest22297302

    pano po mag 1st move sa Electro sci-dama and the techniques in electro sci.?

  2. Guest21856141

    move 7kwh

  3. Guest20838952
  4. Guest20740485
    What is the f*****g techniques of Sci Damath
  5. Guest20665610
    im bryan campus from bnhs in thermo sci dama first move to win is 17 heheheheeh ambot sakto ba nah! try nyo!!1!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Guest20251688
    what first chip do i need to move?
  7. Guest19948807
    what move to be first in THI sci dama ?
  8. Guest11795642
    ho to in therm sci-dama?
  9. Guest11718207
    to win a sci-dama game: if you are the first player- you should move 70 to the right first if you are the second player- you should move the 95 near to the 70
  10. Guest11391615
    what an example of that?
  11. Guest11283363
    move the chip with the largest exponent

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