What are the criteria for judging in a beauty contest?

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What are the criteria for judging in a beauty contest? Is the criteria fair?

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    kasuotan-25% talino-45% ganda-10% talento-20% 100%
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    There are absolutely no rules. Awards may be given out for any reason at all. Affection, sexual favors, financial relationships between judges and contestants - these may all affect the outcome. And the results are impossible to contest. If a horse wins, and the rules don't prohibit horses from entering, then the horse wins. End of story.
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    how many kilos is wanted
  5. Arslan Masaud
    hello Its beauty, wit and humor. A beauty contest, or beauty pageant, is a competition based mainly, though not always entirely, on the physical beauty of its contestants, and often incorporates personality, talent demonstration, and question responses as judged criteria. Almost invariably, competitions for men and women are separate events, and those for men are not referred to as beauty contests. Beauty contests for women are more common, and winners are called beauty queens. Beauty contests for men, like Mr. Universe, are more likely to be "body building" contests—quite unlike the traditional "beauty contest" in which women are judged upon many attributes both physical and otherwise. However, in the 1990s, male "beauty contests" began to shift focus. Instead of only considering muscle mass, the competitions began to judge the natural physical attributes of the contestants as well as their physiques. These include Mr. World, Manhunt International and Mister International. Pageants like the Miss Teenage California Scholarship Pageant has not had a swimsuit competition in over 20 years. The program concentrates on Academic Achievement & Activities, Personality, and Poise and Appearance in Formal Attire.The program awards thousands in college scholarships and prizes. There are also beauty contests for children. HOW TO JUDGE BEAUTY PAGEANT Talk with the event organizers beforehand to make sure you understand the full criteria the contestants are being judged on. One beauty pageant might not be like another, and its important to know how one event differs from another. Meet the contestants before the competition if it is allowed by the rules. Knowing the personality of each contestant is very important because it allows you to see them in a less stressful and more normalized setting. Arrive early at the venue for the competition and give yourself time to find your place. Being hurried or harried will only make it harder for you to judge the beauty pageant. View the contestants for physical beauty and bearing. These two qualities are at the heart of what the general public generally considers "beautiful." Prepare challenging but not impossible questions for the final contestants to answer. Remember that being in the spotlight will cause each of the contestants to become even more nervous than normal. Keep a close scorecard of each contestant throughout the pageant. To accurately judge a beauty pageant you need to maintain meticulous paper records in case a challenge is lodged. hope it helps

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