What are the charges of Singapore visa for Indians?

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Usually, it happens that most of the websites do not provide us with information what actually we look for online. I have a project of compiling a list of charges for Singapore Visa for the individuals of different countries. I tried my best to sort them out online, but when I started searching for Singapore visa charges for Indians, I could not figure it out. I have almost completed the list of all countries except for India. Can you please help me out in this matter, so that I can complete my list? Any healthy solution to this problem will be highly appreciated. I just want to have the price of Singapore visa for Indians. Any of your kind help can enable me to complete my list. Thanks!

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  1. Syed Badar Abbas

    Well, the latest Singapore visa fee for almost every individual from any country including India is $30 (Singapore Dollars) or Indian Rs. 1050/- on per issue basis. Remember not to disburse any extra processing fee. Besides this, the deposited fee is non-refundable irrespective of the result of the application or if you remove the application when once you have submitted it. Make sure that this fee is valid if you have lived in Singapore ahead of the visa-free time frame. On the other hand, if you are in Singapore and you want to extend your visa, it will cost you S$40 (Singapore Dollars) or Indian Rs. 1400/- for the extension of Singapore Visa. I hope this info will be of great help to you. Good luck!


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