What are the causes of Narcolepsy?

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I would like to know about some of the tests available for Narcolepsy, how it is prevented, what type of disorder can this disease cause, Can you tell me about some of the reasons and causes of Narcolepsy.

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  1. manasa.chivakula

    Narcolepsy is a neurological sleep disorder. It is not caused by mental illness or psychological problems. It is most likely the end result of a number of genetic abnormalities that affect specific biologic factors in the brain, coupled with an environmental trigger such as a virus.

    Researchers are attempting to come up with a unifying theory involving genetic factors, autoimmunity, and deficiencies in hypocretin, a brain peptide that is important in regulating sleep, particularly REM sleep.

  2. Tom Reeds

    Narcolepsy is a type of nervous system disorder, it is not a type of mental illness. There is a misconception about Anxiety and its relationship with Narcolepsy, but in fact Anxiety does not cause narcolepsy. The experts believe that narcolepsy is caused by the imbalance in the amount of protein which is called hypocretin, which is made in the brain. It is still unknown that what causes the brain to produce less of the protein in unclear. Narcolepsy normally runs in families. Some of the conditions that result in causing insomnia, like disrupted work schedules that can make narcolepsy worse. The doctor will then perform a physical exam and also order blood to rule out the conditions that are causes by similar symptoms. These conditions can also cause excessive steepness and they are:
    Insomnia and other type of sleep disorders
    Restless leg syndrome
    Sleep Apnea
    Other medical, psychiatric or nervous system disease.
    Some of the other tests include:
    ECG as it measures the heart’s electrical activity
    ECG which measures the brain activity measurement.
    Monitoring of breathing
    Genetic testing to look for the narcolepsy gene.
    The tests include a sleep study. There is test known as Multiple Sleep Latency(MSLT) that may be used in order to help the diagnosis of narcolepsy. This test measures the ability of your sleeping pattern, how long you can fall asleep during the nap. Patients with narcolepsy fall asleep much faster than people who do not have this condition.

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