What are the causes of Migraine?

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I would like to know about some of the causes of migraine, as I have a problem of headache, I would like to know what causes the pain in head, or how person gets effected from migraine.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are lot of people who get migraine are about 11 out of 100. The headache appears between the age of 10 and 46. In some case migraine occurs in life of a person having no history such as headaches. Mostly migraine occurs in women rather than men, and it also runs in families. Migraine is the result of abnormal brain activity which is triggered by stress, certain foods, environmental factors, or something else. The exact chain of the events remains unclear. Scientists believe that migraine occurs due to changes in blood vessels in the brain. Nowadays, most of the medical experts believe that the attack starts in the brain itself, where it involves nerve pathways and chemicals. These changes affect blood flow in the brain and the surrounding tissues.
    Migraine attacks might be triggered by:
    Allergic reactions
    Bright lights
    Certain odors or perfumes
    Changes in sleep patterns
    Loud Noises
    Missed Meals
    Physical or Emotional Stress
    Smoking or exposure to smoke
    There are certain foods and preservatives that might trigger the migraine in some people. Some of the food related triggers that can cause migraine are:
    Any processed, fermented, or marinated foods.
    Baked Goods
    Dairy Products
    Foods Containing Monosodium
    Fruits such as banana, Citrus fruit, avocado.
    Meats that have nitrates
    Nuts Onions
    Peanut Butter
    All of the above list might not be inclusive.

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