What are the cash rebate schemes offered by Australia Post to its customers?

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Can I get details about the rebating schemes offered by Australia Post for cash reductions?

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  1. Australia Guide
    Australia Post has considerable experience and expertise in managing the fulfillment of cash rebate schemes. Whether you're offering cash back incentives to drive sales or delivering bonus payments or rebates to community members, cash rebate schemes can be an extremely effective way to deliver results. Administering them, however, can be complex and costly. By using our Cash Rewards service you can outsource the administration of your cash rebate scheme to Australia Post. Gift cards can be another effective way of providing incentives to staff and customers. Australia Post offers more than 40 brands of gift cards ranging from Country Road and Angus & Robertson to Visa and Greater Union Cinemas. Australia Post can also help your business set up and administer a gift card program with our Gift Card Rewards service.

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