What are the answers for the Nims IS-700?

by Guest2182  |  9 years, 8 month(s) ago

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What are the answers for the Nims IS-700?

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  1. Guest28131502
    tried those answers and nothing still cant pass as of 3/15/14

  2. wholemkt154


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  3. Guest27871888

    worked as of 10/16/12

    baacb dabda babdc ccbcd ababd b

  4. Guest23878461

    baacb dabda babdc ccbcd ababd b


    ^^^^ worked as of 07/10/2011

  5. Guest23674855

    They worked as of 6-30-11

  6. Guest23145502

    Thanks a million Thes answers Worked As of 3-30-11

  7. Guest23129255

    As of  3/26/2011 the answers are correct thank you...

  8. Guest22894646

    worked for me on 3/12/2011

  9. Guest22863417

     baacb dabda babdc ccbcd ababd b

    Right as of 3/09/11

  10. Guest22803916

    I have tried to pass this course 8 times! It dosent make any sence to me!

    as of 3/2/11 the answers i got from this page worked

    baacb dabda babdc ccbcd ababd b

  11. Guest22721665

    Guest22677624 : No longer work as of 19FEB2011

  12. Guest22677624

    Answers worked as of 2/10/11


    baacb dabda babdc ccbcd ababd b


  13. ~LiBrI@N~

    not working

  14. Guest22667602

    didnt work as of 2/8/2011

  15. Guest22622556

    baacb dabda babdc ccbcd ababd b

    enjoy. answers IS-700.a 1/30/11. made me pass

  16. Guest22617755

    i took the test two with answers provided, and they didnt work there are 26 ?s not 20. so if some one passes it with 26 ?s PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Guest22591639

    There are 26 questions!!

  18. Guest22486592

     there are 26 questions 

  19. Guest22485836

    there are 26 questions and all these answers only give 20 answers


  20. Guest21988702

    I took the NIMS IS-700.a with the answers of DABCA DBADB CCBAB CDBCC and they worked all for me - Thanks!

  21. Guest21482911
    Thank you to the one guy who had the DABCA DBADB CCBAB CDBCC. You helped me to pass. thanks a mill!
  22. Guest20968621
    Select the statement below that best describes one benefit of NIMS
  23. Guest19541926
    b c d a b c a b c d a b b a d c b a b c
  24. Guest19031761
    Just tried your answers they are not right
  25. Guest12551169
    try thease if im right i take tips if u wouldnt mind DABCADBADBCCBABCDBCC I GARONTEE THESES ANSWERS I also have 100 200 800 contact me bro
  26. Guest9979242
    What are the answers for the Nims 700
  27. Guest6094610
    not sure

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