What are the Temporary Australian work permit Visa Option for Doctors?

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I have completed my MBBS and want to get Temporary Australian work permit Visa. Can someone tell me that what is the Temporary Australian work permit Visa Options for a Doctor?

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  1. Australia Guide
    Temporary Visa Options for Doctors Australian organizations (businesses, communities or government agencies) can sponsor overseas doctors to work in Australia for up to 4 years. Temporary visas are the usual pathway to permanent residence for doctors who do not yet hold full medical registration in Australia. Overseas trained doctors can commence a period of supervised practice and formal assessment in Australia to meet the requirements for full medical registration. Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa (Subclass 457) The Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa is the temporary visa pathway for doctors entering Australia. Employers are able to take advantage of the following streamlined processing arrangements: * employers and doctors are able to use a special online application form * employers can have one sponsorship agreement to cover multiple doctors, nurses and other staff employed by the same employer * once a sponsorship agreement has been approved, employers can nominate doctors through a nomination application that is much simpler than a full sponsorship application. The Subclass 457 visa program exemption for overseas trained doctors or International Medical Graduates (IMGs) supports flexible working arrangements, previously available only under the now retired Subclass 422 visa. See: Flexible Work Arrangements Subclass 422 – Medical Practitioner (Temporary) Visa Holders of primary Subclass 422 – Medical Practitioner (Temporary) visas will still have the ability to add dependent family members to their application so they can join them in Australia. Occupational Trainee visa Some doctors coming to Australia to undertake a supervised training program may be able to apply for an Occupational Trainee visa for up to 12 months. The doctor must be appointed to a designated training position that is not primarily service-providing in nature. Organizations providing occupational training programs must apply to nominate doctors for this visa.

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