What are the NIMS 200 test answers?

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What are the NIMS 200 test answers? found sites with all kinds of nims answers or shall i say nothing good at all. these sites use it to attract people like me who are looking for it. can someone help me with this pls.

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  1. Guest28132933

  2. Guest28108757

     isc-200b answers

  3. Guest27817393

    h**l yes. spent all day reading and studying this bs. and found these questions to be a load of horse s**t. thank you

  4. Guest25917069

    worked on 4-9-12!


  5. Guest25050612

    still wokrs :) thanks i did the online class 3 times and still faild this saved me

  6. Guest24934130

    Worked on 12-10-11


  7. Guest24925541

    Still Good 11-27-2011

  8. Guest24917318


  9. Guest24892542

    STILL WORKS!! 11-9-11

  10. Guest24572096

    Still worked 9/20/11!



  11. Guest23948475

    Thank you thank you thaaaank you!!! I spent HOURS taking the actual course, reading and rereading a printout of the whole course, fumbling with contradicting statements, and retaking the course for a total of 4 times... It's not "cheating" when the test makes no literal sense, omits information necessary for a coherent answer, and does not indicate your mistakes. What a nightmare!! dbbcb bccdd cddbc aaaab dcb absolutely worked 07/2011

  12. Guest23392750

     d b b c b....b c c d d .....c d d b c ....a a a a b .....d c b

    Works ! 6-1-11

  13. Guest23299428

     no longer good

  14. Guest23137464

    ok, 100b now has 25 questions and these are the answers that worked at of 3/28/11.

    cbbaa dbdba ccdcc dacdd cdcba

  15. Guest23089533

    d b b c b....b c c d d .....c d d b c ....a a a a b .....d c b

    worked for me 3-20-11

    passed! GJ folks.

  16. Guest22937032

    for those of you preaching fire and brimstone for cheating... grow up I don't care what form is for what. Is the form going to save my life (or yours)? The answer to that question is no. This being a federally required program will function as all federal programs do... not at all. Some one did a study and decided they needed to come up with a big long list of bullsh*t that they think everyone needed to know, but will never practically use.

  17. John

     1.) D
    2.) b
    3.) c
    4.) b
    5.) b
    6.) d
    7.) c
    8.) d
    9.) a
    10.) c
    11.) b
    12.) a
    13.) c
    14.) b
    15.) c
    16.) d
    17.) c
    18.) d
    19.) b
    20.) a
    21.) c
    22.) c
    23.) a
    Choose these answers for your test that will be more effective.

  18. Guest22846546

    still good...3/8/2011

  19. Guest22692706

    good as of 2/13/2011

  20. Guest22685040

    thank you sooo much guest22646665 help'd out alot

    nims 200

    d b b c b....b c c d d .....c d d b c ....a a a a b .....d c b

  21. Guest22646665

    Here you turkeys go, in groups of 5

    d b b c b....b c c d d .....c d d b c ....a a a a b .....d c b

    I took and passed this on Feb 4, 2011.  Have fun.

  22. Guest22623537


  23. Guest22617209

    100 leb

    dddbd bcbcc aacad dddcb ddcda

    only one that work 1/30/11

  24. Guest22526720

    any new ones these are not right

  25. Guest22182926

    Thank you!!!  Guest21703737

  26. Guest22101799



  27. Guest21893287

    Guest21880505 is correct just passed with his or her answers, thnx u guys and gals for the info im not piulling hair any more

  28. Guest21880505

    answers are BBDBB CCCDA BBCDB DAAAB BBD as of 11-21-10

  29. Guest21776825

     the answers are not correct as of 11/15/2010

  30. Guest21751828

    Guest21703737's answers still pass the test as of November 14, 2010.

  31. Guest21741982

    does anyone have the answers to it being accurate as of 11-13-10? cause those aren't the right answers anymore

  32. Guest21703737


  33. Guest21632996

    ics form 201

  34. Guest21631053

    Does anyone have the answers for NIMS 200 now that there are only 20 questions not 23 as in the past ...

  35. Guest21425419
    Answers are no longer correct...HELP!
  36. Guest21182443
    answers are correct from 17156557 as of 10/15/10
  37. Guest20891846
    Wats the test questions for nims 200a????
  38. Guest20756440
    bdccb aadbd cdaba dcabb cda Works as of 9/22/10
  39. Guest20719316
    These need to be updated. They are no longer correct.
  40. Guest20551637
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves you losers! Put the time in. Your life (or mine) may depend on it. If you'll cheat on this you are of course the types that will try to cheat your way through the practical and written EMS / Fire exams. May you lazy, self-serving bas**rds all be drummed out of the service.
  41. Guest20275413
    Guest 17156557 are correct as of 8/16/10 thanks saved me tons of time
  42. Guest20259141
    The answers posted by Ali Abdulla are not correct
  43. Guest19729111
    Guest17156557 has correct answers as of july 12, 2010 @ 4:54PM!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH FRIEND!!!
  44. Guest19728946
    Guest17156557 has correct answers as of july 12, 2010!! THANKS
  45. Guest19664694
    Guest17156557 has the correct answers as of july 07 2010
  46. Guest19360975
    Guest17156557 has the correct answers as of june 18 2010
  47. Guest19110972
    Guest17156557 has the correct answers as of june 1 2010
  48. Guest17565512
  49. Guest17344765
  50. Guest17156557
    bdccb aadbd cdaba dcabb cda For Sure!!
  51. Guest15677551
    thnk u vurry vurry much im out
  52. Guest15378636
    Organizations are encouraged to establish procedures to ensure completion of the examination is an individual effort. Personnel within an organization who feel that test answers are being improperly provided should follow their organization's measures for reporting unethical conduct. If a student is found to have cheated on an exam, the penalty may include--but is not limited to--expulsion; foreclosure from future classes for a specified period; forfeiture of certificate for course/courses enrolled in at NETC or NTC; or all of the above in accordance with NETC Instruction 1100.1. A letter notifying the student’s sponsoring organization of the individual's misconduct will be sent by the appropriate official at NETC.
  53. Guest14911200
  54. Guest14290790
    what is the answers to the nims 200 test
  55. Guest12525377
    So what are the new answer
  56. Guest11912291
    Your baddddddddd!
  57. Guest11687779
    What are the answers to NIMS 200?
  58. Guest11266888
    these levels of the ics organization may have deuty positions,what are they
  59. Guest10292019
    bdccb aadbd cdaba dcabb cda
  60. Guest10068594
    bdccb aadbd cdaba dcabb cda

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