What are the Indian Government policies for AIDS?

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I am a generalist, I want to know about the Indian Government policies for AIDS, actually I have to prepare a report on the current statistics of India’s HIV & AIDS Statistics, need some information, thanks.

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  1. kate

     In the India, the apex Government of India is the responsible body for HIV AIDS Control program. The large part of HIV surveillance data gathered by the NACO is done through annual unlinked anonymous testing of prenatal clinic (or antenatal clinics) and sexually transmitted infection clinic attendees. The yearly reports of HIV surveillance are easily available on NACO's website for free of cost.
    This program has been supplemented by awareness struggles in the private region. HIV/AIDS-related television programs and movies have telecast in the past few years, usually in an effort to appeal to the slandered class. One of the significant elements of these programs has been the depiction of HIV/AIDS affected persons interacting with non-infected man in daily life. Vilification of infected persons has taken place, as the disease has become more notably connected with s*x workers. These efforts have aimed on increasing tolerance and awareness between the middle class in an effort to minimize the portion of the population affected by HIV/AIDS by creating public concern and calls for major governmental action. The HIV/AIDS is one of the strongest killers of human beings on earth. There is no absolute reliable drug so far available that can finish the diseases. Controlling HIV/AID is an alternate perfect strategy. In controlling program, large number of stakeholders can play vital role.
    During 2010, NACO accepted the Teach AIDS educational materials marking the first time HIV/AIDS education could be provided decoupled from s*x education. Later that year, the Government of Karnataka approved the materials for their state of 50 million and aimed to delivering them in 5,500 government schools.

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