What are some good dares for 13 year olds (boys and girls, nothing too bad)?

by Guest16407782  |  9 years, 10 month(s) ago

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What are some good dares for 13 year olds (boys and girls, nothing too bad)?

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  2. Guest27580688

    moon people

  3. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    dare them to kiss

  4. Guest25024933

     any more good funny really cool dares for boys and girls can be what ever you  want :)

  5. Hugubert smith

    In Modern day boy and girls are too much Daring and face any type of situation .

  6. Guest24991347

    tell a non player that you love them and kiss them on the cheek

  7. Guest22513729

    dare them to write a note to your crush saying how much yhu love them !!!!!


  8. Guest19983604
    boys dares s***k them when they are not looking or give them a wedgie when they arnt looking
  9. Guest19134794
    Some good dares for girls that me and my friends use are l**k the floor,dip ur hand in the toilet,say im a fuzyy bunny,stuff 4 marshmellows in ur mouth,armycrawl up and down the stairs,makeout with a pillow,call ur crush and say "i know who wants to go out with u..." and if they say "who" than say ME! and hang up,skinny dip (if availble), have ur friend mix up stuff than u have to eat 2 bites of it...Truths:Have u kissed a guy, how many boyfriends have u had, have u eva tried to kiss someone ur age?
  10. Guest18306216
    neck someoneee :)xxxxxxxx
  11. Guest17567575
    i was thinking of drinking pickle juice and putting 8 ice cubes down their backs.

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