What are some good Indian spicy food?

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Indian restaurants are too good for spicy food. I want to know some really good spice food of India that I can eat and check.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Spicy food is loved by many people. However, some people don't understand or enjoy the taste spicy foods. This article is for those people who want to know about spicy foods or about how to enjoy them.
    First Understand what spiciness is and is not.
    Second thing is to Determine how much heat you can handle. Try a light sauce or pepper, that works your way up. A good thing that is needed to start is with is a poblano pepper, there should be a very mild scoville rating of 500. Most stores have a "spicy meter" posted near their peppers. Add spicy foods in your daily meal plans.
    If you eat spicy foods once a week, you may be missing out. Put on some hot sauce on everything you can think of. Keep it chopped or whole peppers that are lying around the house somewhere ,the better option is to grow it from somewhere. By incorporating spiciness into your diet, you can get used to it, and that helps you to eat even spicier foods.
    You can Push your limits. Part of the fun and lasting appeal that is when you try spicier things. There is a lot on Indian Spicy food that you can check form the websites given below and also you can check out about the recipes and you can also make some of them at home.

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