What are job opportunities for students in the United Kingdom?

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I am a student and I want to go for further education in United Kingdom, also I want to do job in the United Kingdom along with my studies.

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    There are different jobs available in the United Kingdom I London for students. A PR assistant is required for the company named Give A Grad A Go. The salary range of this job is from 17000 pound to 20000 pound. The location of company is West London, and the job is available in both part time and full time option. Another job is available in Lord cricket where Sous Chef is needed for monitoring the cooking, chilling and storage of foods, and keeping records The recruiter is Marylebone Cricket Club and the Marylebone Cricket Club. Salary range is from 6.72 pound to 10.11 pound per hour. Details for the jobs can be found from the following sites.

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