What are the prices for high heel shoes in LA?

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I have recently made a girlfriend who loves to wear high heel shoes in order to look prettier with her dress. I never saw her without high heel shoes. We are living in Los Angeles and her birthday is at hand, as a result; I am willing to present her with a nice dress and high heel shoes with certain other gifts. So, I want to buy high heel shoes for my girlfriend. Unfortunately, I never had an experience of shopping for girls, so I am pretty much confused, as I am also short of money. Can someone please tell me the prices of high heel shoes here in Los Angeles? It would be good enough if you guys please suggest me some good stores to buy one from. Your help will make me a champion of my girlfriend, because it is a matter of two hearts. Thanks!

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    There are lots of sizes and varieties of high heel shoes and boots for girls and ladies that start from $10.00 and end at as much as you want to spend on high heel shoes at different stores in Los Angeles. I know a plenty of shoe stores, including high heels that are quite popular among girls and women of different age groups. Some of the most trusted and popular brands of high heel shoes include Alexander McQueen Red Faithful Peep Toe Pumps, Christian Louboutin Black Ambrosina Pumps, Christian Louboutin Bouquet Very Prive Pumps, Jimmy Choo Grant Pumps, Alexander McQueen Black Faithful Booties, Christian Louboutin Alta Fifre Boots, Christian Louboutin Golden Robot 120 Boots, Giuseppe Zanotti Beige Zip Flap Boots, Remix, Cathy Jean Inc, Footcandy, Calleen Cordero Retail Inc, Artyce Designs Shoe Boutique, Shiekh Shoes Inc, Beverlyheels, Lala Shoes, John Fluevog Shoes, Top Shoes, Mayas Shoes, Deluxe Shoes, Karos Shoes Inc.


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