fly Dubai schedule from Karachi?

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I am living in Karachi and I want to travel to Dubai with Fly Dubai airlines. Any one please tell me their Schedule for Dubai from Karachi.

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  1. James Augustus

    The flight of flydubai will depart on Fri – 13 May, 2011 from Karachi to Dubai at 04:20. It will land at 05:25 at Dubai Airport. It will take more than 2 hours from Karachi to Dubai. Its flight number is: FZ-332. The cost of the flight will be 11,535 Pakistani rupees. 
    Other flights will be on:
    Sat - 14May2011 
    Fri - 28Oct2011
    Sat - 29Oct2011
    For further details visit:

    Flydubai is the first low cost airline of Dubai. It has announced its services for Pakistan on 05 May 2010. It has started its flight from Karachi to Dubai and then will expand its operation to other cities of Pakistan. It will be its sixth new route
    Flydubai is growing its network with an impressive speed.
    Pakistan is home to many of the expatriate people enlisted in the United Arab Emirates. Flydubai low-cost flights to Karachi are providing a very good opportunity to visit family and friends more often by spending little amount of money. flydubai is operating five flights a week to Karachi from 21 June. It’s one way fare including all taxes is priced at AED 300.
    According to the Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO of flydubai, Karachi could play a vital role in expanding flydubai's operations in Pakistan.
    There are currently more than 700,000 Pakistanis, living in the UAE. For them, Flydubai is providing an extra opportunity to visit their home country by spending only AED 300 . The fare of the airline is very low as compared to other airlines. So it is definitely providing benefits to the Pakistani and other travelers as well.

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